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Microsoft Windows is an operating system that runs on computers. It is available in different versions like Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10. You can use Microsoft Windows by installing it on your computer.

Experience the Power of Microsoft Windows

CortanaControl Panel
Virtual DesktopsDevice Manager
File ExplorerInternet browser
Disk CleanupCore windows Apps
Event ViewerMicrosoft paint
NotepadRegistry Editor
SettingsSystem information
Start and Start menuTaskbar
Task ManagerWindows search box
Notification areaPower User Tasks Menu

What is MS Windows

Windows is a GUI (graphical user interface) operating system developed and published by Microsoft.Which runs on the computer and operates it. It allows the user to perform tasks and run other software. It was provided by IT company Microsoft Corporation.The first version was launched by Microsoft company in 1985 by the name of Windows 1.0.

What are the functions of Microsoft?

Microsoft is a large software company that develops and sells computer software, hardware devices, Internet services, and other technology products. Their main work is to develop computer operating system Windows and office software. Windows is a major operating system used on many computers. Apart from this, Microsoft also develops other products and services such as Xbox gaming console, educational software, enterprise software, etc.

History and development of Microsoft and Windows

The history of MicrosoftWindows is very interesting. Microsoft developed Windows, which is an operating system that runs on computers. The first version of Windows was launched in 1985 and there have been many versions of Windows since then. It allows users to use the computer easily and run a lot of software and games. Windows has changed the way computers are used and continues to evolve.

Advantages of Windows

List of Microsoft Windows versions

NameRelease dateVersion
Windows 1.011985-11-201.01
Windows 981998-06-254.10
Windows 20002000-02-17NT 5.0
Windows Me2000-09-144.90
Windows XP2001-10-25NT 5.1
Windows Vista2007-01-30NT 6.0
Windows72009-10-22NT 6.1
Windows82012-10-26NT 6.2
microsoft windows 10 download2015-07-29NT 10.0

Does Microsoft Defender protect against viruses?

Microsoft Defender Virus is a built-in antivirus software within that helps keep your computer safe. It uses the Defender Engine to find, remove, and prevent viruses, malware, rootkits, Trojans, and other dangerous infections. This helps protect your data and personal information. You can take advantage of the latest security features by updating it.

Windows Security Challenges

Security challenges of Windows may include some cases, such as viruses, malware, ransomware, etc. Microsoft regularly releases security updates to keep Windows systems secure. Furthermore, users should also apply updates and updates from time to time to keep the security posture strong.

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